**Please note that our Recreation Department has adapted it's program in order to keep our residents safe and healthy during the COVID 19 Pandemic.  

Recreation Department Program:

Our Recreation Department has a well-rounded program designed to meet the spirtual, emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs of our residents.  We attempt to bring therapeutic value to our residents through a variety of programs.

The program consists of:





Daily Rosary.

Mass with Father last Tuesday of each month.  

Exercise Circle daily.


Morning chat and nutritious snack – juice, coffee, tea, milk, fruit and crackers served at this time.


Recreation morning program which concentrates on spirtual, cognitive skills and socializing - trivia, reading newspaper, and short stories.  


Lunch time.

1:00- 2:00pm

Rest time.


Afternoon nutrition time – dietary staff serve beverages and a variety of homemade cookies, muffins etc.


Recreation afternoon program concentrating on physical and social skills:

  • bingos, crafts, musical entertainment, baking
  • seasonal activities such as gardening, picnics and walks
  • outings such as coffee at the Co-op.




  • We attempt to go on an outing twice a month (more in the summer) weather permitting.
  • Lakeland Library provides books on tape and large print books by authors chosen by our residents.  As well, we have an ever growing library of large print books in our facility.
  • Residents are encouraged to “become active” in their own rooms by making puzzles, knitting, reading, watching TV, etc.
  • We have a birthday party to honor residents’ birthdays each month.
  • We have our Activity Calendar with monthly events hanging on the dining room wall, as well as in each resident's room.
  • We celebrate a sit down Christmas Dinner with residents and two members of their family.  
  • Our Recreation Department has created an account at Sarcan’s “Drop & Go” Depots. (If you would like to donate proceeds to our Recreation Fund for our Residents, simply type “Villa Pascal” in the Log-in window when recycling your bottles and cans).

Our hairdresser is available Wednesday mornings from 7:00 – 11:00.  Appointments can be “long standing” or you can book special appointments by asking either recreation or nursing to enter it on our hairdresser's calendar.


Under the guidance of a professional physiotherapist and occupational therapist, we are able to provide a recreational exercise program.  These one to one exercises are provided five days a week.  We do a daily exercise circle, weights, pulleys, stationary cycling, active and passive exercises, as well as one on one exercises as per physio instructions.  This program also provides valuable time in getting to know each individual on a personal note.

 Activity Wall

(Territorial Days Parade - Aug 16, 2022)


Outings, Entertainment and Activities



(Enjoying a piano concert by Keegan Isaac) 


Entertainers(Enjoying the wonderful music of Joan Harrison and Don Mitchell, who faithfully entertained the residents weekly - thank you so much!)